What will Obama do after the White House?
Full Article CNN
06 May 2015

(CNN)The recent debate over where President Barack Obama will establish a library to house his official papers -- a debate now settled in favor of Chicago -- serves as a reminder that we'll soon see the end of the administration and the launch of an Obama post-presidency. To judge by recent comments, Obama as an ex-president will end up reverting...

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File - President Barack Obama takes over for Stephen Colbert during "The Word" segment of "The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert" during a taping at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C., Dec. 8, 2014.
photo: White House / Pete Souza

updated 02 Sep 2014; published 28 Aug 2013
FULL: President Obama Speech at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington, Pays Tribute to MLK
updated 14 Jul 2014; published 03 Feb 2013
OBAMA SHOOTING GUN AT CAMP DAVID -White house releases a photo of Obama shooting gun at Camp David
updated 05 Feb 2014; published 03 Feb 2014
The Political and Personal Journey of a Gay Republican Congressman and His Family (1996)
updated 10 Apr 2015; published 10 Apr 2015
Usain Bolt Meets President Obama
updated 05 Jul 2010; published 05 Jul 2010
Presidents Rap - Washington to Obama - Smart Songs
updated 27 Jun 2013; published 07 Jan 2011
NY Post Slams Obama Over Flip-Flops
File - a coal power plant in Datteln (Germany) at the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal.
photo: Creative Commons / Arnold Paul

updated 29 Jul 2012; published 29 Jul 2012
Dr. Armand de Mestral - The EU and the extension of the general carbon emission trading scheme
updated 25 Jun 2014; published 25 Jun 2014
Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo in Landmark Case
updated 21 Oct 2013; published 21 Oct 2013
Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant Deal To Go Ahead
updated 13 Nov 2014; published 13 Nov 2014
Ross Garnaut discusses the US China deal on carbon emissions (Lateline)
updated 31 May 2012; published 31 May 2012
Destroying energy security with market distortions and green policies
updated 17 Apr 2014; published 17 Apr 2014
LANDMARK Conference on socially responsible public procurement
Forests are 'key feature' of food security landscape
Full Article BBC News
06 May 2015

By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News 6 May 2015 From the section Science & Environment The study calculates that almost one-in-six people depend on forests for food and income Forests can play a vital role in supplementing global food and nutrition security but this role is currently being overlooked, a report suggests. The study says...

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File - A mixed deciduous forest in Stara Planina, Serbia
photo: Creative Commons / Snežana Trifunović

updated 18 Aug 2012; published 18 Aug 2012
Agroforestry is Food Security in Lombok
updated 25 Feb 2015; published 25 Feb 2015
Organic Banana COOP Drop Off ~ COSTA RICA
updated 13 Mar 2013; published 13 Mar 2013
The Role of Plant Nutrition in Supporting Food Security
updated 17 Mar 2014; published 17 Mar 2014
Seed bank targets food security in Asia
updated 21 May 2012; published 21 May 2012
Community Forest Management
updated 06 Jun 2011; published 06 Jun 2011
Agricultural biodiversity in Bolivia: the heritage for food security
38 Million Homeless In 'Worst' Forced Displacement In A Generation, Report Finds
Full Article Huffington Post
06 May 2015

At least by violence or armed conflict, a new report on internally displaced persons has found. Of that number, 11 million were displaced in 2014 alone, spurred by ongoing violence in Syria, South Sudan and Iraq. “These are the worst figures for forced displacement in a generation, signaling our complete failure to protect innocent civilians,” Jan...

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File - A group of internally displaced persons (IDPs) wait to receive soap rations. As part of its Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) distributed soap at the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Base in Malakal.
photo: UN / JC McIlwaine

updated 06 May 2015; published 06 May 2015
30,000 Displaced a Day are Forced to Flee
updated 06 May 2015; published 06 May 2015
2.2 Million Iraqis Displaced by Islamic State Group| BREAKING NEWS
updated 06 May 2015; published 06 May 2015
World neglects displaced as 30,000 a day forced to flee - report
updated 19 Jul 2014; published 19 Jul 2014
HIV prevention in South Sudan among displaced persons
updated 16 May 2014; published 16 May 2014
Wars Internally Displaced 33.3 Million People In 2013, Reports U.N.
updated 15 Nov 2014; published 15 Nov 2014
Arab and Western Govs. Support Terrorism in Syria, UN Report
Baltimore mayor calls for federal investigation into police
Full Article Austin American Statesman
06 May 2015

Baltimore's mayor is asking federal investigators to look into whether the city's police department uses a pattern of excessive force or discriminatory policing. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Wednesday that the community has a "fractured" relationship with police. Her request came a day after new Attorney General Loretta Lynch visited the...

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Police in riot gear line up to enforce a curfew imposed in the aftermath of rioting following Monday's funeral for Freddie Gray, who died in police custody, Friday, May 1, 2015, in Baltimore.
photo: AP / David Goldman

updated 06 May 2015; published 06 May 2015
Baltimore Mayor Asks DOJ to Investigate Police
updated 29 Apr 2015; published 29 Apr 2015
Baltimore Mayor to Police Officials: 'Let Them Loot. It's Only Property"
updated 28 Apr 2015; published 28 Apr 2015
Baltimore Riots: Mayor Ordered Police to Stand Down
updated 30 Apr 2015; published 30 Apr 2015
BOOM! Baltimore Mayor Hand Picked by Obama for Task Force, Plan to Nationalize Police
updated 28 Apr 2015; published 28 Apr 2015
Officers Saying Baltimore Mayor Told Police To Stand Down!
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
WTF! Baltimore Mayor: 'We Made Sure Cops Gave Space for Those Who Wished to Destroy'

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The Guardian
Judge orders UN to lift suspension of Anders Kompass, who leaked internal UN report on alleged aubse of children by French troops in Central African Republic ...
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A Ludicrous Platform The “je suis Charlie” protests became an overnight sensation throughout the world, as millions of people stood up, presumably to support the right to free...
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The Guardian
After upsetting Latino voters, frontrunner surprises with progressive checklist – and prods Republicans with threat of new executive action to ‘go even further’ ...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets supporters at the party's election headquarters In Tel Aviv, Wednesday, March 18, 2015.
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Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu managed to cobble together a narrow government tonight, a few hours before a midnight deadline, but only after being forced to make significant concessions to all his coalition partners. Negotiations went on...
photo: AP / Oded Balilty
Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi, joins the General Assembly thematic debate on "Access to education in emergency and post-crisis and transition situations caused by man-made conflicts or natural disasters."
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By Patrick Nduwimana BUJUMBURA (Reuters) - Burundi's president said on Wednesday that, if elected for a third term in June, it would be his last and he would not run for office again after that, his spokesman said on Wednesday. President Pierre...
photo: UN / Mark Garten
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry addresses reporters during a news conference with Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal on March 5, 2015, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following a series of meetings with King Salman, Deputy Crown Prince Muhammed bin Nayef, and members of the regional Gulf Cooperation Council.
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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sought to secure a pause in Yemen's war as he arrived in Saudi Arabia Wednesday for meeting with top officials, citing increased shortages of food, fuel and medicine that are adding to a...
photo: US DoS
Hezbollah supporters raise their hands to great Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah
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Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday said his militant group based in Lebanon plans to launch an attack inside Syria against Muslim extremist insurgents in the mountain region along the border. Local media outlets and Syrian opposition...
photo: AP / Mohammed Zaatari
In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, meets with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus, Syria, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012.
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Syrian President Bashar Assad acknowledged Wednesday what he said were recent “setbacks” in the war against insurgents trying to topple him, promising a comeback by his troops still entangled in heavy fighting. The rare admission of...
photo: AP / SANA
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Sunday, March 28, 2010
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JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was racing against the clock Wednesday to put together a governing coalition or else face an almost unimaginable scenario by which he would be forced out of office. Netanyahu was holding...
photo: AP / //Ronen Zvulun
Angolan police
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By Herculano Coroado MOUNT SUMI, Angola (Reuters) - The only traces of thousands of Angolan Christian sect members who were camped in these hills are burnt-out vehicles, shacks pocked with bullet holes and bloodstains in the soil. The details of a...
photo: AP / Darko Bandic